Innovation in Project Controls

Highly Predictable Projects

Our clients deserve transformational outcomes for their projects. PMA delivers with continuous innovation and custom solutions for their challenges. When it comes to client service, every day we ask ourselves, “how can we do this better?” Our answer is to continuously create and deploy new technologies, techniques, and processes for client success. 

Shaping the Future

As a pure project management firm, PMA Consultants consistently strives to create new and innovative solutions to promote collaboration, facilitate relationships, visualize strategies, and achieve better project outcomes. We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in project management to bring our clients a higher level of understanding and success. Join us in shaping the industry’s future, where we don’t just manage projects, we innovate for results or success.

Investing in Innovation

Creating game-changing project controls methods and algorithms greatly enhances our client and project success. Since 2004, PMA has been developing and implementing patented intellectual property software to advance project management practice.  

We offer four software applications plus an entire suite of services that put our tools into practice. Our focus is always on highly predictable projects with improved forecasting that provides near-certain cost and schedule outcomes. 

“Innovate or perish! Niche consulting firms that do not innovate will be commoditized by their markets, will be held back by status quo technologies and will remain local or, at best, regional.”

—Gui Ponce de Leon, PhD, PE

Graphical Path Method

A Revolutionary Scheduling Algorithm

The Graphical Path Method (GPM®) promotes rapid, collaborative, and informed project planning, creates more intuitive schedules, and optimizes schedule analysis. Unlike the Critical Path Method (CPM) where planning and scheduling are separate processes performed consecutively, GPM continuously updates schedule data in real-time as changes to the schedule occur. Using GPM enables dynamic feedback from the schedule so stakeholders can make decisions about time/cost tradeoffs and resource allocation and perform other vital analyses as the schedule is being built. 

Real-Time Calculations
Real-Time Calculations
Planned Dates
Forensic Float
Forensic Float

The Future of Schedule Summarization

Summarize large and detailed schedules and keep multiple schedules synchronized with ease.

Articles & Publications

CPM to GPM Easing the Transition
CPM to GPM®—Easing the Transition
Keynote: Schedule Density Zooming
Keynote: Schedule Density Zooming
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Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule

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An immersive, virtual event focused on scheduling and planning.

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