"Graphical Path Method"

In general terms, schedule analysis performed during the project is considered prospective; when…


Guide to the Forensic Scheduling Body of Knowledge

PMA leads a panel discussion on project risk management at the PMICOS Panel…

Improving on the Predictive Accuracy of P80 Dates

The Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules activities to start on early dates, which…

Removing the Early‐Dates Bias in CPM Risk Analysis

This lecture is a glimpse into the career of a civil engineering PhD…

How Lifelong Learning Has Shaped My Career

The critical path method (CPM) is widely used as a project management tool….

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GPM® and Forensic Total Float

The human drive to put a picture to the ephemeral aspects of planning…

The History and Future of Time-Scaled Planning

This treatise seeks to shine some light back on collaborative network-based planning by…

Project Planning Using Logic Diagramming Method

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