Clients spend a significant amount of time and money implementing a project management tool, to bring efficiency and streamline the execution of their capital projects. While the focus is almost always on the tool and its capabilities, we tend to overlook other vital factors like standardized business processes, required skill set in the project management team, and adherence to best practices. Left unaddressed, we have almost guaranteed disappointment and failure. Please join me in this interactive session where I will pose questions and challenge attendees to have a frank conversation about what must be done and offer some lessons learned for the roadmap to success.

Presentation by: Dina Keirouz, Managing Director
Dina Keirouz is a result-oriented professional with 26 years of hands-on experience in operations,  program,  project and construction management, and industry best practices and standards. She has proven success in delivering successful design and construction projects on time and within budget while managing and coordinating amongst several stakeholders with varying interests and focuses. Her project experience includes transportation, airports, and infrastructure capital programs. Ms. Keirouz also has extensive working knowledge of project controls,  including developing and implementing program-wide controls and project management systems for large municipal clients. Ms. Keirouz’s key attributes include leading high-performing teams under tough deadlines to meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders. She is a turn-around expert who ensures stakeholder satisfaction through constant communications and relationship building while producing consistent, quality results and tightening cost and schedule controls.  She has demonstrated success in driving on-time, cost-controlled programs in alignment with time/budget restrictions.

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Presented at:
2020 Western Winter Workshop
Thursday, February 27th to Sunday, March 1st, 2020