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Boston Public Library Central Library Renovation

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Our objective includes providing customized, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for each project

Federal, state, and municipal facility construction represents a range of project types and challenges. During our almost 50-year history, we have built an impressive portfolio of government and public agency projects. Our passion for the mission of managing construction on these contracts translates to success for each client.

PMA understands the long-term thinking that encompasses new construction or renovation of government and public buildings. Our experience and technological savvy ensure that owners receive essential knowledge for fast and informed decision-making.

Our success on these projects originates from a clear understanding of budget and time constraints, as well as governmental and general public relations processes. We also know the importance of understanding the policies, procedures, and goals of each government agency and how to incorporate them into a successful, client-focused project plan.

Town of Arlington Central & Highland Fire Stations

Arlington, MA

Town of Weston Department of Public Works Facility

Weston, MA

Orange County Corrections Facility Expansion

Orange County, FL

John E. Polk Correctional Facility

Sanford, FL

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building

Boston, MA

John W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse

Boston, MA

TWA Administration Building

Kissimmee, FL

Shrewsbury Public Library

Shrewsbury, MA

Boston Public Library Central Library Renovation

Boston, MA

DWSD 800 MHz Radio System & 9-1-1 Call Center

Detroit, MI

State of Michigan Hall of Justice

Lansing, MI

Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center

New York, NY

City of Fort Lauderdale Community Projects

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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