Manufacturing facilities may vary in purpose and product, but they all present complexities that can complicate construction.

For our manufacturing clients, reducing the time to market is vital for their organizations to gain a competitive advantage, keep production costs low, and keep the scope in check. We combine our project management skills and strategies with your established manufacturing methods to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and products. We expertly handle the technical and logistical challenges of food and beverage, data center, agricultural, pulp and paper, and automotive facilities, to name a few.

PMA utilizes state-of-the-art project management tools to better plan, control processes, manage risks, and measure and quantify success. Through Power BI, we provide robust business analytics to support project to portfolio-level metrics to track and control your project progress and promote effective collaboration between team members and across departments. Customized dashboards for resource management and reporting project controls data are just some of the services we provide. Through our many years of project management experience, we understand your priorities and can offer solutions to ensure your success.

Molson Coors G150 Brewery Cold Block Replacement

Golden, CO

Cargill Program Support

Chicago, US & Canada

TissueTech Facility Expansion

Miami, Nationwide

Old Neighborhood Foods Processing Plant

Danvers, MA

Microsoft Campus Modernization

Redmond, WA