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Facebook Campus Expansion

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We deliver efficient projects by controlling costs, schedules, and scope without compromising quality.

Office and retail construction clients face an increasing need for dynamic environments driven by globalization, increased project complexity, and a rising call from consumers who demand faster and more cost-effective performance. Today’s engineering and construction contracts require professionals who deal with designing, planning, constructing, managing, and delivering office and retail structures that allow staff to brainstorm, create, and produce in surroundings that encourage efficiency and imagination. 

PMA assists office and retail owners to build structures that continue to meet the demands of a diverse, customer-driven sector. From tracking consumer behaviors to forecasting future shopping and working technologies, owners face multiple challenges when planning construction projects for these ever-changing markets. From pre-design through project delivery and closeout, our professionals understand project scope that incorporates smart building technologies that respond to consumer demands, repurposing existing space, and the upward trend to implement sustainable and green building strategies that create better energy-efficient environments.

Microsoft Campus Modernization

Redmond, WA

Boston Landing Redevelopment

Boston, MA

Project Bright Lights

Chicago, IL

Facebook Campus Expansion

Redwood City, CA

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building

Boston, MA

Visteon Village Corporate Headquarters

Van Buren Township, MI

General Motors Global Headquarters Renaissance Center

Detroit, MI

Orlando International Airport South Terminal Complex

Orlando, FL