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Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

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We help water infrastructure industry clients across the country provide the highest water quality service.

Clean drinking water is essential to healthy communities and a healthy nation. Today’s water and wastewater utilities face complex challenges in meeting the needs of rapidly growing populations, responding to new regulatory mandates, and overhauling aging infrastructures. This environment requires both utilities and the organizations that support them to meet and maintain a high standard of excellence.

PMA understands the challenges and provides solutions to successfully navigate a program to completion. By applying our technical expertise and extensive experience in overcoming unique project issues, we help clients across the country with building water infrastructure. Our oversight services improve project efficiency by controlling costs, schedules, risk, and work scope without compromising quality.

We have completed more than 500 water infrastructure construction projects, representing $32 billion in project value, on new, stressed, and aging water systems and infrastructure to meet the demands of growing communities and keep potable water viable in the populations these agencies serve.

Ann Arbor Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

Ann Arbor, MI

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Detroit, MI

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San Joaquin County, CA

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Orinda, CA

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