PMA People: Kaie Raig

Kaie Raig, Associate Corporate Recruiter

Chicago, Illinois

Kaie RaigWhat current projects are you working on?
I help support the recruiting efforts across all PMAs offices. This also entails finding new means and methods to streamline the process and make it enjoyable for PMA employees and candidates.

What is your career highlight so far?
I didn’t go to school to be a recruiter or to be in HR. My master’s is in Conflict Resolution. When I was asked to fill in and recruit I was not fully confident I was able to succeed in this role. My career highlight has to be my first hire. It was my first week in recruiting and it was thrilling and gave me the confidence I needed.

What is something new or innovative happening in your industry (CM or PM related)?
There are so many ways to broadcast and reach out to potential candidates. We did a virtual career fair a couple months ago that was really interesting. We were able to cast a wide net and be introduced to job seekers around the country. It was something new and innovative that I have never seen before.

What university or college did you graduate from?
Bachelors in Political Science, Bowling Green State University
Masters in Conflict Resolution and Governance, University of Amsterdam

What is your favorite local establishment/feature (restaurant, museum, stadium, etc.)?
I try to be outside as much as possible in the summer. My favorite place or where you can find me on the weekends is at the beach.

What was a transformative project or challenge that you did at PMA?
A transformative project would have to be increasing the recruiting efforts. Before I was a recruiter at PMA there was only one recruiter. In order to grow the company one recruiter is not enough; this was a challenge I learned early. In the last three years we have grown to two full time recruiters and admin staff supporting their regional areas. This has been an ongoing process in transforming HR and recruiting to be on the ground.

Do you get to do something at work every day that you love? If so, what is it?
My favorite part of the job is getting to call a future employee and opening the conversation with: “This is my favorite part of my job. I am so excited to share with you some good news… do you have a couple moments so I can read our offer to you?” Best. Feeling. Ever.

Provide a fun fact about yourself?
I have a goal to see 30 countries before I am 30; currently at country # 22.