PMA People: Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy, Marketing Associate

Boston, Massachusetts

What current project(s) are you working on?
I currently support the marketing needs for the Braintree office, including creating products such as timelines, reports, presentations, flyers, and posters. These marketing products are often shared with a project’s community to explain construction processes and expectations, a mode of communication that facilitates transparency and project success.

For internal projects, I’m currently working to plan our 13th Annual Summer Social, an event the Braintree office hosts every year to show appreciation for our clients and colleagues. We usually have about 200 clients attend every year, and the event is always a lot of fun!

What is your career highlight so far? (at PMA)
I’ve had many career highlights in my five years at PMA, but my most recent would probably be taking on the challenge of enrolling our Braintree office to compete in the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work competition. Last year was the first year our office ever submitted for the competition, and we have just been selected as a Best Place to Work for the second year in a row! It’s made me happy to help give the Braintree office the recognition it deserves as a great place to grow a career and work with smart, hard-working people.

What would you consider your biggest career success? (at PMA)
One of my biggest and most exciting career successes has been the opportunity to work with my hometown (Rockland, MA) on its ongoing Elementary School Building Project. PMA was selected to provide project management services for this project in 2017, and it has been an amazing experience to work alongside others in my community on an effort that means so much for the future of Rockland. If construction for the school is approved by the Town, three community elementary schools will be replaced by one consolidated school for all students. The new building will also be built on the same site as the recently constructed middle-high school, creating a central campus for all students in Town. I get even more excited every time I see a conceptual design rendering of what the school could look like, and I look forward to what the future brings!

What is something new or innovative happening in your industry (CM or PM related)?
The use of drones to capture bird’s eye views of construction projects is becoming increasingly more common, a trend that I LOVE when it comes to marketing material. Our Saugus Middle-High School project, for example, works with a consultant who takes drone footage on a regular basis to track construction progress. The visuals always impress!

What was a transformative project or challenge that you’ve had at PMA?
One of the biggest projects I have taken on at PMA was coordinating our office move. Apart from coordinating the actual move, I also worked closely with the office building management and designers to finalize the office layout, fixtures, and furniture. There were a lot of moving parts to the whole process, but I am really proud of our new office and its ability to meet the needs of our ever-growing team, as well as clients and colleagues who come to visit.

Do you get to do something at work every day that you love? If so, what is it?
I’m at my happiest when I am creating things, which my job at PMA has allowed me to do every day. It’s very gratifying to be able to tell written and visual stories via marketing material, enabling the audience to walk away more informed or inspired to take action because of the products I’ve helped to create.

What university or college did you graduate from?
I have a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Bridgewater State University. I am currently pursuing my MBA in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, which also happens to be one of our long-time clients!

What is your favorite local establishment/feature (restaurant, museum, stadium, etc.)?
The waterfront in Plymouth, MA is one of my favorite places to visit in the summertime. You can always find history, the beach, shops, restaurants, and lots of other fun things to do.

Provide a fun fact about yourself?
I’m a proud pet mom to a cat named Binx and three dogs named Cassie, Penny and Sophie. I grew up in a house full of animals and apparently am continuing the tradition!