PMP Courses and Certifications

In October PMA’s Chief Technology Officer, Tim Mather, provided Project Management Professional (PMP) training to fellow PMAers, in addition to clients and colleagues. PMA encourages professional certifications as a part of our commitment to staff development. Currently, PMA Consultants employs 54 Project Management Professionals nationwide.

WebSince 2008 Mr. Mather has led 10 boot camps to prepare students for the PMP exam. In speaking with Mr. Mather, he shares his story about getting his start.

After taking a course in order to prepare myself for the PMP, I saw an opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base of PMA by developing a prep course for our staff. Much has changed over the years I’ve been teaching the course. Each new version of the Project Management Book of Knowledge requires a refreshing of the course materials and I have to completely reeducate myself for the new material. Our success rate in passing the exam on the first sitting is over 90% which is substantially better than the statistics published by PMI of around 50%. I attribute this mostly to the professionalism, hard work, and intelligence of PMA staff.

Those in attendance this year included: Amanda Davy Romano (PMA Chicago), Joe Puzon (PMA Chicago), Natalie Zebrowski (PMA Chicago), Reniz Moosa (PMA Chicago), Tony Galullo of Walsh Construction, Jeff Wasserloos (PMA Phoenix & San Francisco), and Mayank Agarwal (PMA San Francisco).