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This year, PMA marks its 50th anniversary as an unparalleled program, project, and construction management firm. Beginning with a single location in 1971, PMA has expanded to 15 offices across the United States, with a portfolio of projects and services in more than 40 countries. Founder and CEO, Dr. Gui, pursues the same mission he first envisioned 50 years ago: maintaining a stable workforce that shares his vision for the company and seeks and values long-term client relationships.

Innovation and continuous learning have been, and continue to be, hallmarks of our history and culture. In our commitment to solve intractable client and industry challenges, we make the most of the latest technologies to drive owners’ projects to their highest level. And when technology in our industry doesn’t function efficiently or broadly enough, we create our own, setting new industry benchmarks to vastly improve project predictability and save our clients billions of dollars collectively.

PMA's 50th Anniversary

PMA leaders and colleagues take pride in our flexibility, autonomy, and entrepreneurial spirit. Beginning with Dr. Gui’s early work in scheduling algorithms, PMA has patented, and continues to patent, algorithms and software that allow for more efficient management of project schedules and that bring project stakeholders together. In addition, our professionals solve problems for clients by creating opportunities that tap into their passion for knowledge. Our staff also author essential publications in their respective fields, present at national conferences, and create ongoing learning environments for others.

The essence of who we are has not changed throughout the past 50 years. Our company culture, growth, and stability are defined in how we build and maintain long-term, trusted-advisor relationships both internally and externally, provide exceptional performance, not disappoint project owners, and demonstrate our appreciation to clients for their continued confidence in PMA. We believe that success for our clients is success for us.

We sincerely appreciate everyone who has been, and who continues to be, a part of our journey in making our accomplishments possible. This year, as we celebrate 50 years on August 31 as a multigenerational, family-run consulting company, we look forward to many more years of embracing our corporate social responsibility to make the world a better place, being grateful that we have the staff and the financial resources to do so.

We extend our sincerest thanks to all PMA colleagues and to the many clients with whom we have worked in the past and with whom we continue to work, and we give thanks for the many blessings that have enabled us to collaborate in substantial ways to pursue our vision into tomorrow and beyond. Please join us in celebrating our history, our diversity, and our professionals who make this company what it is today.

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