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Clark McCormickClark McCormick is a Managing Director with PMA’s Boston Team. Clark joined the United States Navy in 1982, initially joining the U.S Navy Surface line before eventually accepting a lateral transfer into the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps. He retired with the rank of Commander in 2007. 

Navy Career 

Clark brings a family tradition of military service–both his dad and grandfather served.  At Penn State University he successfully completed a Naval Science Institute training course and joined the ROTC, graduating with a commission in 1985. Clark served in several different locations, including Newport, Rhode Island; Norfolk, Virginia; Lakehurst, New Jersey; and Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York. From there, he joined the U.S. Naval Reserves, which led him to assignments in far-flung places. Some of the roles Clark performed during his Surface career included working as an Electrical Officer, Boilers Officer, and Communications Officer/CMS Custodian. While on board ship, he qualified as an Officer of the Deck, Command Duty Officer, and a Surface Warfare Officer. In the Civil Engineer Corps, he was a Facility Support Contracting Officer and a Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (ROICC) Contracting Officer.  

Journey to PMA 

Clark’s journey to PMA began when he relieved Rob Collins (Senior Director at PMA Boston) at Griffiss Air Force Base when Rob was hired by PMA. When Clark was ready to transfer into the U.S. Naval Reserve, Rob contacted him and connected him with PMA. He described the work he was doing on the Big Dig/Central Artery Tunnel Project, noting that it was very comparable to work they had done in the Navy, and that he thought it would be a perfect fit. Clark was hired in 1996 to work on the Big Dig and has been with PMA ever since.  

Transferrable Skills & Knowledge  

Clark counts his time in the service as an invaluable asset to his career at PMA. In addition to his many roles in the Navy, he successfully completed several contract administration and government contract law courses, which transferred perfectly to the Owner’s Project Management and claims work he currently performs at PMA.