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David Weber

, Phoenix

What current project(s) are you working on? 

I’m currently performing schedule oversight on several ADOT projects. I’m also doing claims and delay analysis on the Central 70 Freeway project in Denver, Colorado, and I’m beginning to get involved with oversight on transportation projects for the FTA.

Do you get to do something at work every day that you love? If so, what is it?

It doesn’t happen every day, but I do like figuring out issues and helping parties arrive at reasonable settlements.

What is your career highlight so far? (at PMA?) 

I like being involved in large, interesting projects. The highlights are achieving unexpected negotiated settlements for clients. In particular, I helped my client achieve its desired outcome for delays to work at Luke Air Force Base. This occurred during a meeting that was not intended to be a negotiation.  I turned it into one and was able to settle the dispute. I achieved similar unexpected favorable results for my client on a project at Squaw Peak Water Treatment Plant and at the Grand Canyon Airport.

What is something new or innovative happening in your industry that makes you excited about the future?

The creation of schedule software other than Primavera is innovative. The advancement of NetPoint is an example.

What was a transformative project or challenge that you did at PMA?

Being involved in a subway project in Toronto, Canada, introduced me to that type of project, which I can now apply on other transportation projects.

Who/what inspires you to push yourself? (Personal heroes, family members, ideas)

My two sons.

What university or college did you graduate from?

I earned my bachelor’s degree in engineering from Arizona State University.

What is your favorite local establishment/feature (restaurant, museum, stadium, etc.)?

The Phoenix and Scottsdale areas have many nice restaurants that I enjoy.

Provide a fun fact about yourself?

I’m a pretty good cook, and my smoked salmon is better than I have ever had elsewhere.

Do you have any secret talents?

I’m a wannabe photographer and I’m fairly proud of my Instagram account that I use as my photography platform.

I’m also a bit of an outdoorsman and spend a lot of time in northern Arizona hiking, climbing, exploring, four-wheeling, kayaking, boating, fishing, etc. I also do a lot of hiking on the local trails in the Phoenix area. I used to  climb Squaw Peak in Phoenix twice a week during the cooler months. I’m down to once a week now with more moderate hikes in between.