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Vihita Pedaballe

, Seattle

What are you passionate about and how do you pursue that passion at PMA?

I have a deep passion for perpetual learning. My daily goal is to surpass my previous self professionally or personally, and I achieve this through constant reading, YouTube tutorials, and, most importantly, having meaningful conversations. With the help of my incredible colleagues spread across the country, who are just a message away on Microsoft Teams, I’m able to receive valuable guidance. Furthermore, PMA provides a vast array of ever-expanding learning resources, and the internet ensures that I never run out of resources for learning.

What current project(s) are you working on?

I’m reviewing contractor schedules for Alaska Airlines and Port of Seattle on their North Main Terminal Redevelopment Project at SeaTac Airport as well as for King County on their Lake Hills Interceptor Rehabilitation Phase II. Most recently I performed quantitative risk analysis with Cecilia Palao-Vargas under the guidance of Francisco Cruz on South Plant Seismic Upgrades. I have forever been trying to test new waters (like risk analysis, delay analysis, claims etc.) and this was one such perfect learning opportunity. In a week, I’m also starting as a scheduler for Skanska who are building a massive pharmaceutical facility for SeaGen.  I’m excited because this will be my first venture into the pharmaceutical industry.

Who/what inspires you to push yourself? (Personal heroes, family members, ideas)

That would be my brother! My brother is like the superhero sidekick I never knew I needed! He’s my ultimate confidant, mentor, and the one who always has my back, no matter what crazy idea I come up with. How does he inspire me? He insists that it’s never too late to dive into new adventures, whether it’s learning a new software or indulging in a quirky hobby. Whenever I mess up, he takes the gentle approach, nudging me to realize my blunders on my own. He knows that pointing out flaws will only make me defensive but in the interest of self-realization, I would readily embrace my mistake and commit to improving myself.

What are the most positive aspects of working at PMA? Or Share your impressions of PMA’s culture.

As I’ve already mentioned, my enthusiasm for continuous learning is a driving force in my life. That’s why PMA is the perfect fit for me as an employer. What makes it even better is the fact that I have incredibly approachable colleagues.

What is something innovative happening in your industry that makes you excited about the future?

As AI continues its rapid expansion across various domains, I’m eagerly anticipating the positive impact it will have on the design process. However, in the present moment, I find reading through contract documents to be a breeze, especially when dealing with multiple projects and clients that have distinct specifications. Having said that, we should think about making our PMA products smarter.

What university or college did you graduate from?

I earned my MS in construction management from Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas in 2016.

I received my BE with honors in civil engineering and my MSc with honors in mathematics from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (Pilani), Hyderabad, Telangana in 2014.

What is your favorite local establishment/feature (restaurant, museum, stadium, etc.)?

When I’m having a rough day, there are a few food options that never fail to lift my spirits. Sushi at Wasabi on 2nd Ave, coconut cream pie at Dahlia Bakery on 4th Ave, parfaits at Nana’s Green Tea on Stewart Street, pizza at Rocco’s on 2nd Ave, or the smoked salmon pâté at Piroshky Piroshky at Pike’s Place. These are my ultimate go-to choices for bouncing back from a dreadful day.

Will you share a fun fact or secret talent about yourself?

Outside of work, I paint, play DOTA 2, chill with my amazing cat, Rumi, and am a sucker for board games.