PMA presented at the 2021 9th International Congress of Cost Engineering presented by AACEi Peru.

2021 AACEi Peru 9th International Congress of Cost Engineering
October 14-16 & 21-23, 2021
Virtual Conference

Practical Application of Value Engineering in Capital Projects

Presentation by: Francisco Cruz, PE, VMA, VDC, RMP

One of the significant challenges owners, designers, and contractors face is the proper application of value engineering on their projects. This presentation provides an overview of the value engineering job plan, function analysis system technique and discusses a case study so participants can apply value engineering to their projects.

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COVID-19: Evaluating Contractor Claims and Changes

Presentation by: Don Fredlund, PMP & Gary Jentzen, PE, JD, LEED AP

How will the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic be dealt with regarding contractor’s request for project time extensions and project cost adjustments? The purpose of this presentation is to provide basic information surrounding the granting of an extension of contract time or an adjustment in contract price, if any, as a result of the current pandemic. Nothing herein should be construed as legal advice or legal opinions on specific facts.

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Cost & Schedule Integration – PMIS Lessons Learnt

Presentation by: Ernesto Toxqui, PMP, EVP, CBAP, ITIL, MCTS

Learn about challenges and solutions for implementing a transformational project based on real integration examples (cases).In any Project Controls (TCM framework, EVMS) implementation: technology, systems/processes, and people are involved. This presentation provides an understanding of integrating two of the essential knowledge areas: cost and schedule. See real examples of integrations explaining frameworks, models, best practices, bodies of knowledge, and standards. Analyze the outcome, challenges, and alternatives.

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Program Summary:
More than 30 highly prestigious specialists from different parts of the world will accompany us in this great event, sharing their knowledge and experience in the different thematic blocks.

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Optimize Projects with Value Engineering 

Capital cost and long-term operating costs can be optimized via VE studies using a SAVE International®-recommended job plan. This is achieved by finding less costly alternatives to the project’s design, while satisfying all client project needs and maintaining or improving required project functions. PMA has led numerous private and public project VE studies that create and implement innovative solutions to provide added value improvements at the least cost. Our certified value specialists are ranked at the top of their respective disciplines and provide Module I and Module II training as specified and certified by SAVE International®.

Construction Claims Consulting

Our experts have a wealth of experience in identifying, analyzing, preparing, and presenting claims and disputes on construction and engineering projects. Our expertise in managing more than $100 billion in actual construction projects and programs gives PMA the edge. Our hands-on experience has consistently proven invaluable to clients requiring expert advice or after-the-fact analyses of disputes and claims.

Project Management Information Systems

PMA has been assisting clients with establishing project management information systems (PMIS) solutions for more than three decades. Our process for establishing these systems is based on information quality, client usage, and simultaneous, multi-project environments that often have very complex relationships. Collecting and organizing project information with these systems can provide advantages to project managers in decision making for planning, organizing, and controlling projects, resulting in multiple quality outcomes and client satisfaction.