To our colleagues, partners, customers, and communities:

PMA Consultants is deeply saddened by the tragic, unjust, and untimely death of George Floyd. We condemn racism and violence of any kind. We stand in solidarity with Mr. Floyd’s family, and also with other recent victims of racial violence, the entire Black community, and with our colleagues who are strongly and personally affected by this tragedy. We are also moved by how many young people, community leaders, businesses, and the entire world are peacefully protesting systemic racism and inspiring change.

Diversity, equality, and fairness are at the core of PMA values. PMA is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in hiring in order to strengthen our culture and organization. We will reinforce our values of mutual respect, understanding, and dignity within the workplace. We intend to have a positive impact on social justice causes by donating both our time and resources to the communities in which we practice. PMA will continue its partnership with educational institutions and organizations toward the goal of a more diverse industry. Now more than ever, silence is not an option.

We hope that you engage with us as we consider our course of action. Your perspectives will allow PMA to remain true to the knowledge community to which we have always aspired for PMA professionals and for our clients as we work together to build for the future.

Executive Board
PMA Consultants