PMA is a corporate sponsor and presenter at the 2022 Project Control Summit.

2022 Project Control Summit
May 18-21, 2022
Virtual Conference
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Innovations in Planning and Risk for Construction Project Controls

Presentation by: Tim Mather, PMP

Planning, scheduling, and risk are critical elements in providing premium project control techniques on construction projects. Project controls for the construction industry have experienced a high level of innovation. However, in schedule risk analysis, we are still simulating schedules using only early dates, and the 1950s-era CPM algorithm and use of sticky notes for scheduling require an overhaul. Over the last decade, PMA Technologies has created new algorithms to spur innovation in the planning, scheduling, and risk space. Our planning algorithms drive an interactive real-time graphical planning process. Our scheduling algorithms calculate float and criticality left of the data date and allow activities to start and move anywhere between early and late start dates. Our risk algorithms allow floating and pacing of activities within the simulation, creating a much more accurate life model scenario.

Technology Panel: Projects Keep Failing on their Cost & Schedule Targets! Are New Technologies a Solution?

PMA Panelist: Dina Keirouz, PMP

What’s the role of new technologies in improving project delivery & performance? Join this panel discussion with representatives from the leading technology and service providers in Project Controls/ Management to explore the current issues with project delivery and whether new technologies can help resolve the current and future project performance challenges.

Program Summary:

Project Control Summit, hosted by Project Control Academy, is the largest and best-in-class global virtual conference in project controls bringing together project professionals from all around the world and delivering an uplifting and unique learning and networking experience to those who attend. The goal of the Summit is to engage and add value to attendees, empowering them to succeed in their career and elevate their organizations to the next level.

Our first virtual summit, held in 2020, was marked as the first-ever global virtual conference in project controls. The 2021 Project Control Summit with 4500+ attendees from 124 countries made this epic event the largest ever virtual global conference in project controls.