PMA’s construction scheduling experts and construction scheduling software, NetPoint, will be attending the 2020 Construction CPM conference.

Construction CPM Conference

January 19 – 22, 2020
Disney World – B Resort & Spa | Orlando, Florida
PMA will be at booth #21

Program Summary
Study and training in the Critical Path Method of planning and scheduling. Study and discuss the theory and practice of CPM with leading founders and prime movers of use of CPM, modern practitioners from around the world, and software developers for laptop to mainframe applications.

PMA will present:

Software Should Serve the Project
Have You Identified Every Risk?

Gui Ponce de Leon PhD, PE, PMP, LEED AP
Critical path method (CPM) schedules aside, projects finish late! Underestimating and favoring judgment over statistics from prior projects (planning fallacy), seeing the future in rosy terms (optimism bias), failing to involve stakeholders in scheduling the project (coordination neglect), which leads to overly detailed and unreliable CPM schedules (elaboration bias) that are unsuitable for use with stakeholders when recovery action is needed, and underassessing project completion risk (CPM algorithmic early bias) are notorious culprits. This keynote illustrates how the graphical path method of planning and scheduling assists schedulers in overcoming CPM’s algorithmic early bias contribution to the scheduling conundrum.

Real Time Coordination from USA to Australia
Two Continents – One Team

Tim Mather, PMP, CCMP, LPEC
We have set out the logic of what needs to be done but must now coordinate when is best to be done. This often requires coordination from teams in different locations, across town or across the globe. See how PMA NetPoint allows detail coordination, “what ifs,” and compromise in this live action session.

How to complete a 4 hour planning session in 40 minutes

Reniz Moosa, PMP
Analysis of a schedule has always been overwhelming for non-schedulers especially when the schedule has countless activities. This presentation showcases how to summarize large schedules involving 10,000+ activities from P6 or MS Project to effectively communicate schedule-related issues that can be readily understood by senior management and executives.

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Wave Transfer Planning with MS Project, P6, NetPoint, & NetRisk

Angel Arvelo, PMP, LEED AP & Blake Cuneo, PMP
Strategies to Transfer Manufacturing Operations to a Newly Built International Pharmaceutical Facility. Understanding the costs, benefits, and risks of multiple solutions requires complex schedule and cost modeling. The overall strategy requires identifying resource limitations, schedule risks and impacts, and the prioritization of needs early, and continuously throughout the dynamic project. The team used multiple scheduling tools to support the planning/schedule development phases such as MS Project, NetPoint and P6; actively monitor and control the overall master schedule for the program in P6; and conduct regular schedule risk assessment using NetRisk.

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