Change Orders/Claims/Settlements and Their Impacts on Project Success
July 28, 2022

PMA’s Bruce Stephan, along with members from FTA, KKCS, and PMO Partnership, led a panel discussion to increase the FTA/PMOC community’s awareness of the prevalence and repercussions of large change orders, claims, and/or settlements on FTA-funded projects. The panel discussion was derived from the interest and attention given to recent, large settlements on CIG projects during the quarterly PMO call. The discussion was open to FTA PMOCs, engineers, transportation specialists, and other representatives.

Mr. Stephan is a nationally recognized licensed civil engineer with more than 30 years of experience on complex medium, large, and mega engineering/construction projects. Mr. Stephan has held progressively responsible positions in the construction of water, transportation, and power infrastructure industries ever since. He specializes in analyzing delays, cost requests for productivity losses, extended overhead, acceleration, disruptions, and other time-related costs. Mr. Stephan has also recommended settlement ranges in numerous claims resolution negotiations. His distinguished career includes public service, general contracting, and consulting nationally and internationally. His award-winning experience includes design-build, integrated project, CM-GC, and CM at-risk delivery methods on public capital improvement programs.

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) conducts discussion panels throughout the country. This one, in particular, shared some current/recent examples of large change orders/settlements on FTA projects and provided insight to determine if FTA should establish an FTA/PMOC working group to develop suggestions and recommendations for the FTA and Project Sponsors. This was an opportunity for networking with colleagues, sharing concerns, challenges, and lessons learned.

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