Project Insights

Project Management Podcast

Dive deep into the complex world of construction project management with our podcast, Project Insights, exploring the latest techniques and industry trends alongside PMA Consultants’ team of experts.

AI in Project Management and Project Controls

To kick off the Project Insights series, hosts Zoe Mervine and Hatim Elnueri interview their guest, Ernesto Toxqui, about the future of AI technology. While covering a variety of topics such as the science of AI, its past and present stages, and its place in project management, possibly the most important question they weigh in on (and the one that listeners are probably wondering themselves) is “Will AI take over our jobs?”. Find out the answer to this and more in the very first episode of Project Insights!

Insights Into the Rhode Island Market

In the second episode of Project Insights, Brian Sullivan, PMA Director and Rhode Island Operations Lead, gives listeners a look into the current market in Rhode Island and how it has changed over the recent years. Having worked in Rhode Island for the majority of his career, Brian has observed its market go from being based in small, local firms to working primarily with out-of-state and buyout firms. Tune into Project Insights to discover the reasons behind this shift, as well as Brian’s tips for navigating this new market, including how working with a consulting firm helped him adapt to these unique challenges.

Decision and Risk Management

Hosts Zoe Mervine and Hatim Elnueri interview Francisco Cruz, PMA’s Chief Knowledge Officer and Miami Senior Director, about decision and risk management for this episode of Project Insights. During their discussion, Francisco delved into the intricacies of topics such as the most effective approaches for risk management in capital projects, calibration assessments to avoid bias, and the importance of decision analysis in the early stages of a project. Listen to “Decision and Risk Management” for his take on these invaluable subjects and for additional input on AI in risk management and avoiding project teams’ most common pitfalls.