BP Whiting Refinery


The BP Whiting Refinery, located on the southwest shoreline of Lake Michigan, is the second largest refinery in the BP refining system and the sixth largest refinery in the United States. During the period of 2007 to 2013, BP reconfigured the refinery with an addition of a new vacuum pipestill, gas oil hydrotreater, delayed coker, sulfur units, and ancillary infrastructure. The project was the largest downstream project BP has ever performed. The refinery can process over 19 million gallons of refined fuel per day.

PMA provides project controls services for BP, with a concentration on the planning/scheduling entity of the BP Project Services Department. This department oversees an annual $250+ million portfolio of infrastructure improvement projects. PMA is engaged as the contracted scheduling lead to help assess existing schedule controls structure and processes, provide recommendations that align with industry best practices, and implement measures to improve the overall scheduling function. In addition, PMA has a team of on-site schedulers who are responsible for developing and maintaining a portfolio of resource-loaded CPM schedules for the construction management teams.