Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Capital Improvement Program


The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) was seeking program management and owner’s authorized representative services for major construction and refurbishment projects at Orlando International Airport. Projects involved in this $800-million program include construction of the Federal Aviation Authority-funded fourth runway; new baggage-handling conveyor systems; an explosive detection system and security systems; demolition and reconstruction of the main terminal concession areas; refurbishment of airside terminals 1 and 3; various airside and landside projects and renovations; taxiway, roadway, and airfield projects; parking lots; and a central plant.

As the owner’s authorized representative, PMA was responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining the construction program to control costs and schedules for multiple projects. During construction, PMA served as the project manager and lead job coordination and other project-related meetings; issued job memorandums, reviewed progress schedule and contractor applications for payments for compliance; performed all field inspections and quality-assurance testing; and performed and reviewed the contractor’s as-built drawings and project closeout package. PMA also provided claims avoidance and claims mitigation services.