Newtown Creek Water Pollution Control Plant


This $3 billion program involves the expansion and upgrade of an existing 350 mgd wastewater treatment plant to meet federally mandated secondary treatment effluent criteria. Upgrades included extensive piping installation, digesters, centrifuges, a polymer distribution system, sedimentation and aeration tanks, odor control, new control systems, and support facilities. The program involves hundreds of prime construction contracts and oversight by a multiconsultant construction management team.

As part of this assignment, PMA interviewed the project team, visited the site, and performed an intensive review of the relevant documentation, including contract documents, schedules, and cost estimates. PMA’s findings and recommendations were documented in a detailed report.

PMA was asked to identify any fatal flaws in the overall program schedule and to make recommendations where improvements were possible. PMA also performed analyses to determine if the interfacing contracts supported the schedule of the key contract as well as the potential impact of labor availability on the schedule. PMA verified the technical correctness of the schedule logic and determined whether the duration of key activities on the critical path were realistic.