Orange County Utilities Capital Improvement Program


The Orange County Utilities (OCU) $800 million capital improvement program (CIP) includes developing long-term plans for solid waste, water/wastewater, and reclaimed water infrastructure improvements within OCU service areas. The program will also include major elements such as planning studies, capital improvement program management, utility management, operational assistance, hydraulic modeling, and other program management services. Projects in this CIP are needed to accommodate growth; expand, modernize, and improve existing facilities; and renew and replace aging facilities.

PMA has provided program management services for the OCU CIP since 2009. PMA is supporting oversight for ongoing operations and improvements at existing facilities and provides oversight for the planning and implementation of new facilities. The primary goals include assisting in the development of long-term plans for water and reclaimed water infrastructure improvements as well as assisting in the implementation of specific projects and/or programs to meet the needs of the utility. PMA provides planning studies, CIP management, utility management services, value engineering, risk analysis, and other program management services.

Projects have included:

  • Northwest Water Reclamation Facility
  • Eastern Regional Water Supply Facility
  • Southern Regional Water Reclamation Facility
  • Western Regional Water Supply Facility
  • Malcolm Road Water Supply Facility
  • East Service Area Potable Water and Reclaimed Water Storage and Repump Facility
  • Vistana Water Supply Facility
  • Hidden Springs Water Supply Facility