PEMEX Cadereyta


The PEMEX Cadereyta project includes construction of new plants and a reconfiguration/expansion of existing refining facilities. Also included is a new pipeline system for PEMEX refining, including the new pipeline Nuevo Teapa-Madero-Cadereyta. The approximate amount disputed by the parties was $1.5 billion.

PMA provided the following:

  • Technical reports and expert testimony in support of PEMEX claims and defense for arbitration
  • Testimony at several arbitration sessions related to resolution of the claims
  • Analyses of general project documentation (e.g., contract for financed public work and annexes, invitation to bid, diverse sessions of questions and answers, the technical package, etc.)
  • Analyses of general arbitration documentation (e.g., answer to the claim, PEMEX counterclaim, additional PEMEX claims, etc.)
  • Analyses of specific documentation relating to PEMEX claims and CONPROCA claims