The Sierra Project


The Sierra project is a multiphase, multiline cell production facility constructed outside of Madrid, Spain, to produce solar panels. The overall project consisted of the construction of four cell lines, one per phase, over five years.

PMA assisted with the Sierra project throughout project development and execution with various support tasks, including:

  • Facilitating a planning session for the project to ensure that BP Solar management was addressing all of the proper issues.
  • Participating in contractor interviews to provide feedback to the project team in the selection of the best contractor.
  • Conducting cost and schedule risk assessments, both prior to project approval and during project execution.
  • Developing project cost control procedures and tools.
  • Participating in a peer review to plan for project completion, production line start-up, and ramp-up to full capacity.
  • Conducting a close-out study on actual project cost and schedule performance.
  • Providing suggested risk mitigation actions to help control project cost and schedule.