Visteon Village Corporate Headquarters


This $272 million project consolidates 13 nonmanufacturing facilities into one corporate village to house 3,200 employees in 9 buildings, totaling 870,000 SF of offices, testing facilities, production innovation facilities, design facilities, and laboratories.

PMA provided program management services in project planning, site selection and land use management, time and cost management, procurement, design and construction oversight, risk management, administrative assistance, testing and inspections, commissioning, and occupancy oversight.

PMA also conducted a justified capital expenditure cost-benefit analysis and assisted Visteon in securing board approval for project justification. Project was completed under budget by more than $10 million. Visteon constructed a $2.2 million medical/fitness center and implemented $5 million in IT infrastructure improvements with budget savings. Project was completed on time under a very aggressive time schedule. PMA facilitated an interface with MDEQ and Van Buren Township to ensure proper land use and wetland mitigation. PMA developed customized owner/designer and owner/CM-at-risk model documents.