Mitigating Risks to Achieve Successful Outcomes

Authored by: Bruce Stephan

What Owners want from their consultants is a successful project that includes the following; on time, on budget, no one is hurt or killed, and it achieves the quality specified, performs as expected for its full lifespan, and provides the Owner good documentation of what was built. Every consultants’ proposal claims they are going to achieve these goals, but few succeed. This presentation will explore how the probability of a successful program outcome can be enhanced though proactive and uncompromising application of best practices throughout the program lifecycle. The speaker will use the many USA mega programs he has been involved in throughout his 36 year career to bring a real world perspective to the philosophical underpinnings of the best practices we all know but rarely use to their full advantage.

Presented by: Bruce Stephan, PE, PMP, Esq.
February 5-8, 2015 Lake Tahoe, NV
54th Annual Western Winter Workshop
AACE Intl. San Francisco & Southern California Sections