Reengage your team in planning: A NetPoint case study

During the last couple of years my company invested a significant amount of money to implement the Earned Value Management approach. While this implementation was successful, the project controls department started to see that every day the project teams where relying more and more in the project controls team to develop schedules for proposals and projects. These schedules were being developed with none or very little input from the project teams. As consequence of this situation, these project schedules needed significant revisions just days before they were due to the client. To overcome this situation the project controls department relied on the utilization of less complicated tools, which can be used to facilitate planning sessions and allow the project teams to develop a sound approach for the execution of the work. NetPoint became a tool that not only was helpful to reengage the project teams with the planning process, but it also contributed to thinking of the project planning process in different ways. The challenges faced by the project controls department and how NetPoint contributed to overcome them are addressed in this presentation.

Primary Author: Luis A. Terry Torres, PMP
Presented at AACEI Annual Meeting 2015