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We've achieved breakthrough innovations in project scheduling software.

At the onset planning stage of a single project, PMA ensures key project stakeholder participation and conceptual project timeline buy-in via an interactive planning session and workshop.

PMA leverages the power of GPM and NetPoint to facilitate collaborative planning in an entirely different way. NetPoint’s highly visual nature allows project teams to plan and schedule a project together in real-time without duplicating effort; the outcome is a mutually agreed-upon project plan. The design and ability of NetPoint produce a schedule that can be clearly understood by the entire project team and that can be effectively communicated to other stakeholders.

PMA staff are experts in the use of GPM and NetPoint as well as in the art of workshop facilitation, and we put these skills to use when planning complex projects. For more information on GPM and NetPoint, please visit PMA Technologies. Our innovative GPM and NetPoint services include the following:

  • Interactive planning sessions
  • Baseline scheduling
  • Annual plan forecasting
  • Schedule risk mitigation with NetRisk
  • Schedule reliability analysis with Schedule MD
  • NetPoint training
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