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Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a project management process for optimizing cost, schedule, and performance, while continually minimizing all forms of waste, all for increasing value to the owner. The process facilitates the interaction of stakeholders and the optimization of complex systems and their interrelationships.

The evolution of such a philosophy, for PMA and for many others, has been born out of recognition of the inefficiencies, adversarial relationships, and asymmetric information arising on construction projects.

PMA’s core approach to IPD methods includes the following principles:

  • orchestrating early involvement by as many participants as possible
  • clearly defining expectations of each participant
  • establishing clear definition and mutual acceptance of project goals as early as possible
  • aligning participants by a value statement that has been clearly articulated by the owner
  • instituting open, collaborative thinking and decision making
  • inherently considering external influences and life cycle costs
  • continuously pre-planning in pursuit of perfect, real-time information to optimize decision making
  • focusing intensely on the process itself in order to avoid regression to prior modes of thought

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