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NetPoint is an interactive project management software application whose graphical, time-scaled canvas allows users to plan and schedule a project collaboratively. A schedule is created in real-time by drawing or placing activities and events, along with their relationships, directly on the canvas. Underneath the hood is an innovative scheduling algorithm—the graphical path method (GPM)—that governs object behavior, making NetPoint more than just a graphical drawing program. The end result is a dynamic and interactive tool that is rooted in logic and allows users to build and visualize complex project schedules more easily on a graphical timeline.


NetPoint was created in response to the demand for schedules which could be understood not just by scheduling professionals, but by owners, project stakeholders, and a court of law. For years, PMA relied on non-scheduling graphics software to produce visually-comprehensible schedules—schedules that were more intuitive to read and understand than Gantt or bar charts or spreadsheets. Along the way, PMA continuously refined the design for activities in a network diagram and eventually laid the foundation for what would become NetPoint’s graphical interface. However, it wasn’t until GPM was developed as the foundation of this graphical interface that NetPoint began to take shape.

Development of NetPoint began in January 2004. In 2006, the first public beta was released, and in September 2009, NetPoint was commercially released as version 3.0. NetPoint can be used for many project controls applications, including planning, scheduling, and resource management, among others. Some specific features include:

  • A superior graphical interface
  • Graphical visualization and analysis of critical path
  • Variable time units
  • Multi-calendar schedules
  • Visual resource modeling
  • Schedule updating
  • Ability to plan in both CPM and GPM modes
  • Target schedule comparisons
  • Activity codes

To learn more about NetPoint and GPM, please visit PMA Technologies for additional resources, including video tutorials, publications, and presentations.


NetRisk is an all new add-on for NetPoint that allows you to perform qualitative and quantitative risk analyses. Combined with NetPoint, NetRisk offers seamless, interactive project scheduling and risk management. Build the risk register together with the NetPoint schedule; range activity durations choosing from a variety of distributions; float and pace activities for a more accurate and realistic model; and interpret simulation results side-by-side with the schedule – all from one integrated user interface.

Please visit PMA Technologies for additional resources, including video tutorials, publications, and presentations on NetRisk.

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