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Successful projects begin when proper planning and procedures are implemented systematically with an ultimate goal of achieving predetermined objectives. A project management plan should be supported by project control processes that monitor work and identify whether the work is proceeding according to plan. To make that determination, project controls personnel assess the data and determine actions to prevent or correct issues.

Project complexity, organization maturity, team experience, cost, project importance, and other factors determine the level of control needed. Excessive control can cause project costs to spiral upward and divert resources from more important tasks. Lax control can lead to delays, errors, political repercussions, and lower-than-expected project quality.

Project controls is a PMA core competency. Since our beginnings in the nuclear industry, we’ve established our firm as a leader in cost and schedule controls. We’ve maintained this leadership by managing more than $100 billion in construction projects and programs; by actively participating in trade organizations—such as Project Management Institute (PMI) and AACE International—that advance knowledge of project controls; and by supporting staff efforts to secure appropriate credentials (e.g., PMI Project Management Professional certification).

  Cost & Schedule Control

Our project control experts have extensive experience in developing and tailoring master cost and schedule management procedures that provide a global view of related, concurrent projects. These procedures facilitate efficient retrieval of global and individual subprojectinformation to produce integrated project and subproject progress reporting.

PMA develops project controls systems that include integrated spreadsheets and specialized applications for numerous industries. Our information technology (IT) group develops these applications to successfully managing large capital programs. Our consultants often work on the owner’s project team to provide comprehensive project cost and schedule controls services. We assist the project manager in utilizing a forward-looking approach by identifying upcoming opportunities or threats that impact project costs and schedule goals and by recommending corrective actions.

  Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management (EVM) integrates project scope, schedule, and cost parameters. Our expertise in project management and controls provides a more accurate measurement of performance throughout the life of the project. We promote collaboration and partnering that allow for better visibility and understanding of project data.

  Value Engineering

Value engineering (VE) improves value without sacrificing quality or function by assembling a cross section of professionals who analyze project plans and requirements. VE relies heavily on team building, effective communication, and efficient decision making to reach creative solutions. By working together, the VE team often arrives at unique approaches to specific design elements that satisfy usage and aesthetic needs, but that trim costs. This approach can result in significant project savings.

PMA VE services include VE process training, VE sessions led by a certified value specialist, complete VE team tailoring to meet specific project needs, and VE workshops that follow the five-step job plan developed by the Society of Value Engineers (SAVE) on a wide variety of major construction projects.

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